Your Pool Can Shape Your Dreams

Designing your backyard oasis includes picking the location and building materials, but the part many of our customers get excited about is choosing the shape.  The shape of your pool can provide aesthetic appeal, add to your living space, project the natural scenery of your land, and represent your personal style.  The building material you choose – concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl – will impact the amount of creativity you can put into your actual pool shape.  Or you can have it the other way around – the amount of creativity you want to incorporate into your pool shape will impact the building material your pool will be constructed of.

Here are some of the most common pool shapes:

  • Kidney Shaped Pools – The kidney shaped pool is probably the most classic, and in some ways over-used shape.  However, it is functional and corresponds harmoniously with a wide variety of architectural styles and natural settings.  To avoid having your pool look the same as a neighbor’s pool, we recommend using the kidney shape as a starting point and planning landscaping, hardscaping, and other design techniques to individualize your pool.Pools in Mooresville, NC
  • Classic Lap Pools– The classic lap pool is a traditional rectangular shape.  Lap pools tend to be constructed in a functional rectangular shape with intent to complement traditional architecture and home designs.  A lap pool can be designed to incorporate many elements, making it a perfect fit for contemporary, urban, and rural settings.
    Pools in Mooresville, NC
  • Geometric Pools – These shapes rely on the mathematics of squares, rectangles, triangles, and other polygons to create a design to complement the curves of nature, such as trees, bushes, hills/mountains, and clouds.  The defined edges and designated corners are also a perfect match for innovative contemporary design, yet will manage to enhance the deliberate lack of ornamental design in modern architecture.
    Pools in Mooresville, NC
  • Free Form Pools– A freeform pool is not confined to sharp edges, specific corners, or any rules of geometry.  Freeform designs seamlessly fit into natural settings that incorporate lush views of rolling prairie, lakes, ocean beaches, or farm fields.  Free form pools can easily be fit into anomalous spaces.
    Pools in Mooresville, NC
  • Greek and Roman Pools – These are designs that are based on a rectangular shape, but may cut corners and round edges.  Greek and Roman pools tend to bring back the formality of ancient art.  They will accentuate modern and contemporary homes.
    Pools in Mooresville, NC

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