The Advantages of Inground Pools

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Deciding on an inground pool vs. an above-ground pool depends largely on the climate where you live. In areas where summers are really warm, an inground pool is usually the preferred choice. It will enhance your landscape by acting as an attractive water feature that creates a pleasing view from your deck or patio, and from inside your home.

inground poolIf you have your heart set on a luxury inground pool, you’ll be dazzled by the many options available today. There are countless shapes, materials for the walls or liners, paving materials for the surrounds, and other features and accessories, such as diving boards, slides and waterfalls.

Most inground pools are made of fiberglass, vinyl or gunite (shotcrete or concrete). According to the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals), gunite is the most popular. The gunite, which is applied on-site, is covered with textured plaster made from a similar material, but it can be colored with pigments to give an inground pool a gray, white or blue color, depending on what you want. A pool usually takes several weeks to create, but the advantage over other materials is that gunite offers more shape options. Vinyl generally doesn’t offer as many choices of shape, but it does offer many options of colors and patterns.

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