Can Your Doggy Paddle? How to Keep Fido Safe Around the Pool

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PoolAlthough many people think first of those with children when it comes to pool safety, pool safety is an important topic for everyone. Every year, thousands of people flock to the pool in order to beat the heat of the summertime, oftentimes bringing their four-legged, furry friends along with them. Even if the long days are waning, pools can still pose a risk to your pooch during winter time.

Just like cats don’t always land on their feet, dogs aren’t born knowing how to swim! This misinformation leads many people to mistakenly urge their pets into the water too quickly, which can leave your dog feeling very anxious around water. Properly teaching a dog how to swim can go a long way towards their safety and your peace of mind. Gather the correct information, start slow, and make sure your dog is making progress before moving onto the next steps of their training.

Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, they may still slip into the pool unnoticed, especially on a chilly morning when you let them out alone. Make sure your pool is well-protected to prevent instances like this from happening. Custom gates, covers, and special alarms that go off when the surface of the water is disturbed can work wonders for the safety of your pets, and for your peace of mind.

Last but not least, be cautious of too much exposure to pool water. The chlorinated water keeps your pool safe for swimming, but never let your dog get into the habit of drinking it! Additionally, baths after swimming will help their coats and skin.