What to Expect During the Pool Construction Process

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Pool Construction At Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we take pride in the custom pools that we design and install for our clients. Although each of the pools that we build are unique, there are several steps that we always follow during the pool construction process. We will likely follow these steps when we put a new pool in your backyard.   

First, we will determine the best location for your new pool. This spot in your yard should receive regular sun and be out of the way of any large trees. The site should also be level and not downhill from another area in your yard.

Second, we will mark the site and get the actual pool construction process started by excavating the area. Once this part of the process is over, you will have a large hole in your yard. 

Third, we will outline your pool with panels. After we do this, we will put all of these panels up on blocks to make sure they are all the same height. Once these panels are placed into the hole where your pool will go, they will be stabilized, usually with cement, and the pool floor will be added.

Fourth, the pool liner will be added to the pool and any additional systems, like the pumping system, will be finalized. Finally, water will be added to the pool and the construction area will be cleaned up. Once this part of the pool construction process is complete and the surrounding landscaping and decking has been installed, you can start enjoying your new pool.