How to Maintain Your New Swimming Pool

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Pool DesignAfter our team at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios completes the pool design process, the only thing that’s probably on your mind is spending time outside swimming and working on your tan. However, keep in mind that keeping your swimming pool in good condition will take some time and effort. 


Every day, go out to your new pool and skim any debris that may have collected on top of the water. For example, if leaves from a nearby tree fell into your pool, make sure you remove them. During swimming season, you should also clean out your pool’s skimmer baskets on a daily basis. 


You will need to test your swimming pool’s water for proper chlorine levels every week and clean its floors and walls. To do this, start at the shallow end of your pool and brush down the walls, eventually making your way to the floor of your pool. You may also want to hose down your pool deck to get rid of dirt on a weekly basis. 

After a Big Storm 

When a big storm hits, you will need to take a little bit of extra time to take care of your pool afterwards. Once the weather has cleared up, you will need to use a skimmer to remove any debris from the water’s surface, and brush down your pool’s floors and walls. You should also plan on turning on your pool’s vacuum overnight.