Pool Construction Part One: Concrete Decisions

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Pool Construction in Mooresville, NCWhen it comes to pool construction, you get to make a decision regarding the material you want your pool to be made out of.  Concrete is the most versatile of pool construction materials.  Your options for shape and size are virtually limitless, meaning your concrete pool can be completely unique from other pools.  The downside of a concrete pool is the amount of time it can take to build one.  It can take 6-12 weeks for you to have a completed product.

Construction of a concrete pool takes more time because there are multiple stages in the building process.  After you have designed your pool to bring out your property’s flairs and highlights, the ground will be excavated.  The plumbing must then be installed and the hole lined with a rebar frame.  The shell will then be created with gunite or shotcrete, which will need about a week to dry.  Finally, the product will be finished with plaster, tile, or stone aggregate.

So why would someone choose a concrete pool?

  • Size doesn’t matter.  Concrete pools can be made as big as you want them.
  • Special features are easy to incorporate.  Infinity edges, beach entries, tanning ledges, etc. can be added to maximize your pool’s function or extend the natural beauty of your property.
  • Infinite choices are available.  Quite literally, you can “decorate” the pool with plaster, tile, pebbles, or paint.  Plaster can be tinted almost any color you can imagine.  Pebbles and tile can be acquired in many different shapes, sizes, and materials and are easily laid in uniquely artistic ways.

Your Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios representative will be able to answer any additional questions related to owning a concrete pool in North Carolina.