What to Look for in Pool Deck Paving

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When you have a pool, a lot of time and effort goes into choosing the size, shape, type and materials that will be used for the pool. After that, many people put so much thought into their pool that they might forget about the importance of choosing the right pool deck paving. If you are looking for pool deck paving, our team here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios wants to help you get the right choices for your needs. Let’s discuss some of the things that are crucial for you to find in pool deck paving materials.

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First, look for materials that can withstand water, obviously! With so many wet feet and splashing that occur on the perimeter of a pool, you want to have a material that is impervious to water. This will include wood that has been properly sealed, stone options, tiles, etc.

Second, you will need to match the materials for your pool decking to your lifestyle. There are some people who love the look of wood decking so much that they are willing to take the time it requires to maintain and regularly seal their wood decking. Others will need to pressure wash their tile to keep the grout lines clean. Low to no maintenance options can be found with stone and cement.

Third, you’ll want a surface that is non-slip and cool to the touch. Getting into a cool pool on a hot day is nice, but burning your feet on the way out isn’t! Make sure that your materials aren’t the type that absorb heat like some composite decking does.

To learn more about pool deck paving options, please give us a call today here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios.