How to Know if Pool Installation is Right for You

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Do most people wish they had a swimming pool? Probably. Is pool installation right for everybody? Not necessarily. Before proceeding with getting a pool, it is important to look at the reasons to take the plunge (pun intended) and take the time to fully understand what is involved, so you can decide if it makes sense.

How to Know if Pool Installation is Right for You

There are many wonderful benefits you’ll enjoy after pool installation. A pool is the perfect way to escape sweltering summer temperatures, for example. The health benefits of hydrotherapy (a fancy word for swimming) can’t be understated. If you suffer from high blood pressure, chronic back pain, a few extra pounds, or other ailments, you could find that the low-impact workout you’ll get swimming in your pool can make a real difference. Having a convenient place for the kids to play so you don’t have the hassle of taking them to the community pool is a definite plus, as well. Finally, you’ll love hosting pool parties that get your friends and family all together for a great time.

The key is deciding if all those benefits are enough to take on the cost of pool ownership. Not only will you have the initial pool installation to pay for but the maintenance costs going forward. Keep in mind that your home will increase in value after pool installation, which can raise insurance rates and property taxes. Be sure to factor those in when deciding if pool ownership fits your budget.

Speaking of the increase in value, talk to a real estate agent to see if it is hurting your value not to have a pool. In some places pool installation is almost considered an essential feature to even think about selling your home at a good price but in others it could be less attractive to have one. Of course, this only factors in when you sell your home so if you plan to have it for a lifetime, the importance is minimized and offset by the enjoyment you’ll gain over the years.

If after considering budget, usage, enjoyment, value, and other factors, you decide that pool installation is right for you, give us a call at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios. We’re here to listen if you’re still on the fence and need advice from a professional. We don’t use high-pressure sales to gain a customer as we’d rather gain your respect. Call today to learn more.