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Unique Reason for Pool Construction: How Kids Benefit

Sometimes families with young children are hesitant to consider a pool construction project because they fear the potential for danger. While practicing water safety is definitely important, it might interest you to know that according to a study conducted in Australia, children who learn to swim at a young age have a surprising advantage over those that didn’t. The research found that the young swimmers were more cognitively advanced – in other words, smarter, particularly in math, oral expression, and language. They also achieved physical feats quicker.

Another thing to consider is that many believe that children can learn faster than adults in many different aspects. That makes it the best time to learn how to swim. Drowning incidents among teens and adults are high among those that never learned to swim, so teaching your child to swim could be more important than you think. With the proper precautions, including adult supervision, a fence around your pool, and the use of floatation devices, learning to swim is safe and beneficial.

Here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we can help you design a pool that will be ideal for teaching your child to swim. Our pool construction experience enables us to create the pool of your dreams and one that you and your family will enjoy for years. From those first uncertain splashes to your son or daughter’s graduation pool party, you’ll have years of fond memories ahead of you. Call today to learn more and arrange for an on-site consultation.