How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

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Swimming PoolsHave you always envied resorts and people who live in luxurious communities because they have swimming pools? Have you thought about one for your home, but you are fearful about winterizing it each year? It is easier than you think to not only have a resort-style pool on your property but also take care of it year round. It is definitely worth the effort to have this fun and beautiful improvement. If you won’t be using your pool during the winter, take steps to winterize it.

Winterizing swimming pools means keeping in mind what the cold, winter weather in Mooresville, NC could do when any water freezes. When water freezes, it expands, so you will need to lower the water level in your pool before it freezes. Do not, however, completely drain the pool, especially if it is an inground pool.

Next, consider that pipes can burst if water is left in them and it freezes, so you will need to remove all water from the plumbing lines to your pool so they do not burst. Additionally, you should add anti-freeze into the skimmers, remove any ladders or railings, and winterize any other pool equipment. Lastly, you need to place a winter cover on top, so your pool does not fill up with rainwater, leaves, and other debris.

The chemical balance of your pool is just as important when winterizing swimming pools as it is when they are being used, so be sure you’ve addressed that so you don’t open your pool in the spring to find it has gone completely green. A thorough cleaning before winterizing is also recommended.

Now that you know that it isn’t that difficult to handle winterizing swimming pools, it is time to get planning that new pool for you and your family. Give us a call at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios for a consultation and quote, so you can have your resort atmosphere at home in just a few weeks.