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Swimming Pools, Mooresville, NC

We are a designer and creator of luxurious swimming pools in the Mooresville area.

swimming poolsSwimming Pools in Mooresville – Swimming pools are some of the best additions to any residential property. By adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you can take advantage of a long list of benefits. With a pool, you’ll always have a place to exercise, cool off, and make memories with your loved ones. A swimming pool quickly becomes the go-to spot to have fun with your family and friends. You can host more get-togethers at your home, especially during the summer months when people want to swim and stay cool. You can also get some exercise in your pool, whether you’re swimming laps or doing water aerobics. Water-based exercise is low-impact, so it’s not hard on your joints. People of any age can take part in swimming or water aerobics to stay active and healthy.

At Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we are experts at all phases of the swimming pool installation process. If you’ve envied the resort-style swimming pools in the backyards of your neighbors, let us turn those dreams into a reality. As a designer and creator of luxurious swimming pools in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, we are known for our keen ability to pay attention to details and complete pools that include every design feature our clients desire.

In order for us to create the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of, we encourage you to:

  • Create a wish list. On this list, write down which features are most important to you. This can include anything from a relaxing rock waterfall to a slide for your children.
  • Look at examples. Is there a feature you absolutely fell in love with in a pool you recently swam in or saw in a magazine? Take the time to peruse backyard examples to narrow in on exactly what you want out of your new backyard living space.
  • Consider how you will use backyard. How you use your backyard is an important factor that plays into the design process. Ask yourself whether the pool and patio area will be an investment, a relaxation area, or a place for your children to play.

We can make your dream pool come to life!

After we have gone through the design process, we’ll make sure you’re happy with what we plan to install on your property. Our team members will then get started with the construction phase, which involves digging the hole, pouring concrete, and installing a liner on the interior of the new pool. We also make sure to complete every step efficiently and properly to prevent swimming pool issues in the future, such as leaks, cracks, or other damage. After we finish installing your pool, we’ll fill it with water and give you some tips for proper care and maintenance. Following this final step, you can start enjoying the water in your new pool right away.

Stop coveting the swimming pools and outdoor living areas you see at resorts, at your friends’ homes, or even in magazines, and let us at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios build a beautiful outdoor living space right in your own backyard.









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At Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we proudly build swimming pools in Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville, and Lake Norman, North Carolina.