Custom Swimming Pools for the Young and Young at Heart

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Custom Swimming PoolsThere is no denying that both the very young and those in their golden years can benefit from swimming. It stands to reason that custom swimming pools would be a great addition to any home for both the young and the young at heart. While you could use a public pool or go to a Mooresville, NC area resort to use theirs, a more convenient option is to look into custom swimming pools.

  • Children – Studies show that children benefit in many ways from learning to swim and spending time in custom swimming pools. Swimming lessons can begin very early in life with some families opting to start as early as a few days old. When you consider that an infant is accustomed to being in a liquid environment before birth, it is a natural for them, and they do not know fear at this point. One of the main reasons to teach children to swim is because if they ever fall into a body of water, the outcome is much less likely to be tragic. Another reason is that it is a great form of exercise that builds muscle coordination, strength and endurance.
  • Seniors – While people of any age can benefit from the exercise of swimming, for seniors, it is an optimal form of physical activity because the low impact on joints and bones is safer. Custom swimming pools can be designed to allow ease of entry and have various safety factors incorporated.

The ideal situation is to have everyone swimming together! If this sounds like a great idea for your home, give us a call at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios. Our custom swimming pools are ideal for the young and young at heart, and they will add tremendous value to your home and your life.