Fire Pit Options for Your Backyard

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Fire Pits, Mooresville NCWhen considering fire, most people associate it with one image based on past experiences and uses.  Think for just a moment . . . there are many possibilities for fire use:  warmth, cooking, light, and social gathering, among others.  When you decide you want to add fire to your backyard, think about the reason you want to add fire.  Does fire simply have a visual appeal you enjoy?  After all, fire is the perfect complement to the water in your pool.  Does your husband (or wife) love to grill?

Extending your living space into an outdoor kitchen would be a perfect functional use of an outdoor fire pit.  Do your friends want to sit around a campfire and toast marshmallows?  There are many different options for backyard fire pits.  Your fire pit can be as simple as a stone or metal ring, or extravagant with built in seating.

People naturally congregate around a cozy fire to sip sweet tea, wind down with an evening cocktail, or roast marshmallows.  During this time, people naturally bond by sharing stories and memories.  For this reason, we recommend including outdoor seating near your fire pit, so it is naturally inviting and comfortable for your guests.  You may choose natural stone or wood seating, but depending on the level of entertaining, you may want to finish the seating with outdoor cushions to maximize comfort.

The fire pit itself also has many options.  The inside must be made of a fireproof material, but the outside can be made of any heat-resistant material you prefer.  The most popular fire pit paving is natural stone, such as flagstone, stand stone, river rock, or fieldstone.  Man-made faux-stone is also available.  You have many choices for the fuel of your actual fire, also. You can have a natural, wood-burning fire, or you can have a gas or propane starter with natural wood.  Faux logs, fire glass, and firestones are all available to accommodate gas fire pits.  At Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we can help you develop any fire pit you can dream up!