The Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

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While there is no debate about the entertainment value of swimming pools or how much they can add value to your home, there is one other benefit to think about if you are on the fence about having one installed at your home. It might surprise you to learn there are many health benefits involved with having a swimming pool in your backyard.

The Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

Swimming is a low-impact workout that just about anyone can do. Even if most physical exercise is problematic, spending time in swimming pools is usually possible and can be quite therapeutic. You don’t even have to be an experienced swimmer as just moving about in water can help improve muscle tone and keep muscles from atrophying.

More aerobic swimming can also be helpful as you can burn calories, improve lung capacity, and strengthen your arms and legs. Swimming can also aid in reducing the effects of stress and help alleviate anxiety. You don’t have to do hours upon hours of swimming to see results either. Even a few minutes every other day can prove helpful. You can’t ask for a better whole-body workout!

It isn’t just people who can gain health benefits from swimming pools. Pets can, too! If you have dogs that love the water, it will help them get the exercise they need. Just keep in mind that your pool will need a bit more care during cleaning after the dogs have been in there, especially if they shed quite a bit.

If you are ready to enjoy the health aspects and all the other benefits that swimming pools have to offer, reach out to us at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios. We are happy to assess your Mooresville, North Carolina property and go over the options for pool installation that can give you the benefits you desire most.