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swimming pools are still a great way to be active and healthy

While swimming pools are great fun and a fantastic way to keep cool during the summer months, they are also a great way to stay healthy! While we here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios can’t help you eat right, we can point out that there are many benefits to your health when you are able to have your own swimming pool.

One of the ways that swimming pools are able to encourage healthy behavior is by eliminating obstacles to activity. A home swimming pool doesn’t require you to pack up, drive to the pool, bring your towels, change in an awkward changing room, and then shower and get ready for the trip home. Instead, all you need to do is throw on your swimming suit and head out to your own pool.

Swimming itself is a great activity to improve your health and best of all, is applicable for almost all ages and fitness levels. Because water has an increased buoyancy, it is a more comfortable way for individuals who have significant weight to lose to get exercise in without the stress on their joints. It’s also great for those who want to exercise while also recovering from certain strains or injuries. When your children are bored during the summer, pools encourage play and activity rather than mindless TV watching and snacking.

Even if you don’t slim down to an Olympic swimmer’s body while using your pool, swimming pools are still a great way to be active and healthy. Learn more about swimming pools for your space here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios.