Inground Pool vs. Above Ground Pool

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You know you want a pool, but you can’t decide if you want an inground pool or above ground pool. Let’s discuss some of the key differences, benefits, and why we feel that the better choice is an inground swimming pool.

Inground Pool vs. Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool

There are some benefits to an above ground swimming pool. They are easier and faster to create, cost less than an inground swimming pool, require less maintenance and repairs, and are less expensive.

The drawbacks to an above ground swimming pool are that they get damaged easily, you’re extremely limited on size and shape, they have a short lifespan, there are fewer features to add on, and they can actually decrease the value of your home.

Inground Pool

An inground pool is more attractive than an above ground pool. They add to your landscaping, instead of taking away from it. They will increase your home value, instead of decreasing it like an above ground pool will. An inground pool with proper maintenance will last decades, if not a lifetime. It is very unlikely that you can damage an inground pool. There’s no possible way of popping it, and they are very difficult to scratch or dent. There are many features that you can add on to an inground pool. Some popular features are diving boards, lighting, beach entry, decorative tiles and pavers, and water features.

Here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we feel that the benefits of an inground pool far outweigh any disadvantages, and that an inground pool will bring you many years of memories, beauty and fun.