Why Patio Pavers are the Perfect Complement to your Custom Pool

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Patio PaversIt’s so easy to agonize over small decisions when going through the design process, especially if color pallets and minutia of design are not your cup of tea! However, once you have a beautiful, custom pool in your space, it can be all worth the headaches you may have experienced during the design process. During this process, you may be focused on the pool, but we would like to suggest adding patio pavers into your overall design can be beneficial in the long run.

Because patio pavers are so varied, it is easy to obtain a truly custom appearance to look stunning with your custom pool. The sizes, colors, and shapes are practically endless, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. If the thought of narrowing down thousands of options makes you anxious instead of excited, our designers can assist you in picking out something you’ll love.

In addition to having great variety, patio pavers are a wonderful, long-term choice because they are so durable. With just a touch of natural traction, pavers are perfect for areas with pools and slippery, wet feet.  Installed correctly, patio pavers will outlast cement and concrete. Even if damage does occur, it’s a simple step of replacing a paver or pavers instead of a large section of concrete. While concrete needs to be sealed and maintained, patio pavers will continue to look as attractive as the day of installation.

If you want to add patio pavers to a new design or an existing one, contact us at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios today.