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    So, you’ve decided to put in a swimming pool! Congratulations! A swimming pool can be an enjoyable addition to many different homes, especially for those of us who like the option of relaxing or exercising in the nice, cool water on a warm day. After the initial decision to put in a swimming pool, the next decision will be the most important one: who will be your swimming pool builder? After you have gained some references from word of mouth, online reviews, or references supplied by the swimming pool builders, here are a few questions you can ask them when you call to ask about their experience with the swimming pool builders:

    • Are you pleased with their services overall?
    • Was there anything you were displeased with? If so, how was it resolved?

    references supplied by the swimming pool builders

    • Did they stick to their projected timeline? If not, how did they handle the change?
    • Were permits and safety measures filed on time and built to code?
    • What kind of pool, materials and features did you choose?
    • Were they easy to communicate needs and wants with?
    • Would you recommend them to someone else?
    • If you were to go through the swimming pool installation process again, would you still use this swimming pool builder?

    This is just an example of questions you can ask a reference about a swimming pool builder. There are plenty of others that might be more tailored to your tastes, but we hope this has been a helpful starting point!