4 Big Factors to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor KitchensHere in North Carolina, we enjoy some truly beautiful weather. Many people are now maximizing on their outdoor time by extending their living space quite literally to the outdoors. No longer just a place for lawn chairs and paper plates, outdoor kitchens enable you to entertain and cook like you would inside, but with the benefit of being able to enjoy the party! If you want to start utilizing your outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen, there are some important factors to consider when designing your space, such as:

1.  Safety. Always consider the safety of your design materials first. While you may love the look of a particular tile or other aesthetic feature, keep in mind the protection of those in your household and the rest of your outdoor space. Luxurious marble tiles, for example, are lovely but would be far too slippery for children fresh out of the pool looking for a snack. Make sure your outdoor kitchen follows the same safety guidelines as your indoor kitchen.

2.  Durability. Outdoor kitchens are built to last, so skimping on the materials will only leave you with a headache down the road when you have to replace things. Choose materials that are all-weather friendly. Stainless steel, stone, granite, and some pre-treated woods work wonderfully and should last a long time.

3.  Placement. The proper placement of your outdoor kitchen is crucial. You’ll need to discuss the placement with a professional in order to determine ideal spacing, approximation to the main house and other landmarks, foot traffic, etc.

4.  Appliances. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a gas grill or as extensive as a sink, refrigerator, grill, oven, stove and dishwasher! Many different factors determine which is right for your outdoor kitchen, so discuss your options with our professionals.

Try extending your living space outdoors with one of our outdoor kitchens. You may just create a fun new tradition!