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4 Fantastic Ideas for Your Backyard Design

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your outdoor living a little bit more outstanding and your backyard design just a touch more personal? Here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we have just a few ideas that you might be interested in trying out:

  1. Friendship gardening: Backyard living can be even more meaningful when you not only put a bit of a personal touch into it with a customized pool, but personalized plants. Friendship gardening is a fun and somewhat lasting way to give back between one another with a group comprised of coworkers, family, and/or friends. To start, plant a few plants in a garden area set apart in your design as a friendship gardening area. Plants with enclosed seed pods that are easy to pull off and give away seeds from (like holly hocks), those that naturally start propagating a second plant through runners, or succulents (that can grow another plant just by pulling off some leaves and planting them) are all a great choice.
  2. Give fives to the future: Consider adding a special “Walk of the Stars” element with a path of pavers designed by you for honoring people, successes, moments of inspiration or milestones, pictures of places or plants that are important to you, or inlaid with meaningful shells, stones, or other elements that can be used in design. If things change, pavers are each to switch out or add to in a path.
  3. Firepit fanaticism: It must be admitted that even with the perfect pool in your backyard, usage all year long is not usually an option for the outdoor pool aesthetic. Consider adding a firepit to your backyard design. Older children may choose to gather at your place – potentially giving you some peace of mind as a parent.
  4. Foliage that falls fun: Although many enjoy gardening and pools, both, not many enjoy the tedious process of cleaning leaves out of pools and pool filters. Apart from friendship gardening, consider designing landscaping to efficiently slow the accumulation of plant material dropping things into your pool.