Backyard Design with Plants in Mind

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Backyard Design in Mooresville, NCTrees, grass, and plants are the natural ornaments that bring life to any property.  They revitalize lifeless areas, provide a break from hot summer sun, and break up the hard lines of modern architecture.  In addition to providing a natural décor to your backyard design, they can also provide privacy from neighbors, hiking trails, and public parks.

There are some things you want to keep in mind when you are choosing plants for your pool area.  First, consider the distance from the actual pool.  You don’t want your plants inhibiting access to the pool.  Second, some plants shed various materials – leaves, petals, fruits, and seeds.  These items can be an inconvenience for pool enjoyment, make the water look dirty, and clog filters.

When considering backyard design, there are many things to keep in mind.  If you would like to avoid seasonal plants that will shed leaves into your pool, choose plants that are evergreens.  The water in your pool is a reflective surface for both heat and sunlight.  Choose plants that are heat-resistant and thrive in sunny areas.

People wear minimal clothing and walk around in bare feet when they are swimming, so avoid plants with thorns, spines, prickles, or other parts that might cause pain to bare skin. Fragrances help create an ambiance around the area, so consider placing annual or perennial flowers at a distance where petals and pollen will not accumulate in your pool water.  Consider aromatherapy techniques, and choose a flower with a scent that will help create the atmosphere you envision for your backyard design.