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Custom Swimming Pools: What are the Newest Trends?

Custom swimming pools are something we often see in magazines and for many of us, a backyard feature that we would love to have one day. If you are getting close to fulfilling your dream of a custom swimming pool in your backyard, and are considering all of the options available, you may be wondering about some of the newest trends.

  • Ledges. This design trend is perfect for those who want to work on a good tan more than swimming laps. It allows just enough water to cover parts of the body, while not being fully submerged. It is perfect for those who want to stay cool while reading a book or using your mobile phone.
  • Saltwater. Custom swimming pools are wonderful, and if you love being in the pool, but don’t like how your skin and hair feel after contact with chlorine, a saltwater pool may be the perfect option for you.
  • LED Lighting. The addition of LED lighting to the pool area is not only aesthetically pleasing but with the installation of a phone app, provides the ability to change color and brightness with the touch of a button.
  • Swim-Up Bar. If you love hosting parties, what could be better than having a bar built right into your pool, so you never have to get out of the water? Underwater stools are another option to make your custom swimming pool the best one in the neighborhood.
  • Sports Pool. This feature is for the homeowner who wants to use the pool as a way to stay fit and is perfect for in-water sports like volleyball, lap swimming and aerobics.
  • Dark Shades. Choosing a darker shade for the bottom of custom swimming pools is not only beautiful, but the dark color absorbs and retains heat from sunlight which can save you money on heating costs.

If you feel that you are ready to take the plunge and make your dream of installing a custom swimming pool a reality, please call us at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios today!