What You Need to Know About Glass Fire Pits

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Fire pitsEver since the time when we first walked on the Earth, humans have had a fascination to some extent with fire. The idea to harness this power for our own use has led us to many different types of inventions, including stoves for cooking, steam-powered engines, and indoor heating, just to name a few. While fire pits were once used strictly for utilitarian purposes, the fire pits of today are often elegant reminders of the power of the flame.

Although fire is ancient, how we have transported it to our homes is gaining a new twist–that of using temper-heated glass in our fire pits. When heated by a propane flame, a glass fire pit can shimmer and shine with a unique look. Because of their manufacturing process, these little pebbles of glass can withstand intense amounts of heat without melting, discoloring, or popping, making them a safe choice.

Not only do glass fire pits have an aesthetic appeal, but they will appeal to your other senses, as well– specifically your sense of smell! While many people enjoy the old-fashioned method of starting a fire with matches and kindling, there are many others who do not care for the smoke or smell that comes along with wood-burning fire pits. Glass fire pits are odorless and smokeless and can heat the area of your fire pit nicely, making them great for chilly evenings with friends.

If you’re considering a fire pit, let us help you determine what material would be right for you.