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Perhaps no other pool landscaping feature creates more tranquility and beauty than the sight and sound of falling water. With a Sheer Descent waterfall from Jandy, you can enjoy your spa or pool from within and from your deck or patio.

Pool Landscaping Isn’t Complete Without a Sheer Descent Waterfall

pool landscaping in Mooresville, NCSheer Descent waterfalls produce an arc of crystal clear water that can be adjusted from a rushing mountain cascade to a silent, glass-like sheet of water. Captivating additions to any existing, remodeled or new pool, Sheer Descent waterfalls come in various lengths, including extended-lip and curved models.


  • A wide range of effects that can be adjusted easily to suit your environment or mood.
  • Available in clear, light gray and white.
  • A variety of styles to suit the design of your pool landscaping, including Rain Arc, Sheer Arc, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Rain and Sheer Descent.
Sheer Descent with Extended Lip

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This 6-inch extended lip waterfall produces exactly the same effect as the regular 1-inch lip, but allows for installation of stone or brick on the face of an elevated beam.

Sheer Descent Super Radius

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This is a 12-inch radius waterfall that produces the same effect as the 6-inch extended lip model. However, when an extreme radius curve is required, it must be specially ordered from the Jandy/Zodiac factory.


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