Tips for Easy-Maintenance Pool Landscaping

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Pool LandscapingPool landscaping can make all the difference in the look of your pool. Having the right landscaping around your pool can transform your pool into the backyard oasis you had in mind when you decided to create it. The key to creating your oasis is choosing the right landscaping around your pool. We have some great tips for how to choose pool landscaping that will give your pool a beautiful finishing touch without being high-maintenance.

  • Use trees and plants for privacy. Landscaping is a great way to create a sanctuary in your backyard. Trees can screen your pool from your neighbors and create a little bit of a sound barrier, too. Avoid choosing trees that shed their leaves each season, so you won’t have to worry about sweeping your patio and skimming the pool so often. Also avoid fruit-bearing trees, since they will attract unwanted bees and insects to your pool area.
  • Potted plants are easy to maintain. Potted plants add beauty and variety to your pool landscaping and are very easy to maintain. They tend to need a little extra water, since the pots attract more sun, but other than that, they don’t need much attention. An added bonus is that you can easily move your pots around to change up the look of your landscape if you want to. Potted plants make great statement pieces for pool landscaping with very little work.
  • Avoid grass inside your pool fence if at all possible. Grass trimmings will scatter on the patio and require sweeping, not to mention the pain of having to wheel your lawn mower through the fence every time you need to mow.

Your pool is your oasis, and your pool landscape can add or take away from the enjoyment of the area by how much work you have to do to maintain it. Keep it easy and keep your pool maintenance to a minimum to maximize your enjoyment.