The Amazing (and Sometimes Unknown!) Benefits of an Inground Pool

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Inground PoolEven with summer gone and the holiday season around the corner, here at Lake Norman Signature Pools & Patios, we still have pools in mind! These chilly days are a perfect time to dream about sitting poolside next summer, and will give you plenty of time to prepare and design your inground pool. If you or someone you love needs a little convincing, check out some of these benefits of having an inground pool.

  • Customization. Do you like your pool to be warmer or on the chilly side? Big or small? An inground pool can be customized to fit right into your landscaping and lifestyle. Additionally, few things boost your home’s value like a custom pool.
  • Convenience. Even if you love swimming, it can be hard to get to a pool if you have to account for commute time. One of the best benefits of your own inground pool is to have one ready and waiting on your schedule.
  • Great exercise for all. The low-impact exercise of swimming is beneficial for all age groups. While youngsters can burn off energy or work on toning muscles, seniors can enjoy the cardiovascular benefits while taking the stress off their joints. Pregnant women often report swimming to be a comfortable form of exercise.
  • Tax deduction! That’s right, in some instances, your pool can actually be tax deductible. Usually in instances where the pool was doctor recommended or prescribed, this can be worth looking into if you use your pool the majority of time for health reasons.

If you would like to know more about inground pools and how they can be of benefit to your home and family, please contact us for more information.