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You might be eager to ‘jump in’ to a swimming pool remodel, but you should take some time to consider its design. If design is well-planned and laid out, you’ll maximize your investment and your enjoyment.

Important Design Factors for a Swimming Pool Remodel

  • Who and What? When considering the shape of a pool, ‘who’ and ‘what’ are extremely important. In other words, who will be using it, and what will it be used for? Examples of ‘who’ could be: a family that likes to entertain, an empty nester, or a family with young children. The answer to this question helps determine the shape and design of the pool.
  • Your Yard: This is another factor that influences the design and shape of a swimming pool remodel. Certain shapes don’t work well in some yards, yet they are great in others. For example, a rectangular pool might not work well in a tight, small or oddly shaped yard. On the other hand, a free-forming pool without true geometric lines might work very well.
  • Specialty Features: Decide what you want built into the pool’s structure because this will significantly impact the look, size and shape it. Do you envision a sun deck, a detached or attached spa, or a rock waterfall? For example, a very large sun deck will either add to the overall size to the pool or reduce it.

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