Swimming Pools Increase the Value of Upscale Homes, Says NAR

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swimming poolsWill adding a pool increase the value of your property? Some real estate agents say that swimming pools are amenities that may put potential buyers off, while others argue that they are a necessity, especially when it comes to upscale homes. The NAR (National Association of Realtors) recently published a study that found an inground pool can increase the value of a home from 8 to 15 percent.

However, before adding swimming pools, homeowners should consider a few questions. Will the present property market allow you to recoup all the money when the time comes to sell? What type of pool is best suited for your home? Are you adding the pool for the financial benefit of added resale value, or for the benefit of your family? How will your home compare to others in the neighborhood when the time comes to sell?

If you’re building a pool to add resale value, then you need to consider other upscale homes with swimming pools in your area. The good news is that when adding a pool to a large property in an affluent area, the chances of the investment paying off are good. Buyers in wealthy neighborhoods usually expect every imaginable luxury to be included. Therefore, if your home doesn’t have a pool and all the others do, you will probably have a problem when you sell.

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