How to Safely Introduce Dogs to Swimming Pools

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With a few safety precautions, well-trained dogs can enjoy swimming pools as much as we humans. However, before allowing Fido into a pool, you have to prepare him.

How to Safely Introduce Dogs to Swimming Pools

This involves a few steps:

  1. Ensure he is well-groomed to avoid leaving too much fur in the water.
  2. Make sure he has done his ‘business’ before entering the pool.
  3. Remember that it’s natural for dogs to seek shade, which might be hard to come by in swimming pools. Like us, they are also vulnerable to sunburn, so use a sunscreen especially made for dogs. Apply a couple of minutes before getting into the water.
  4. Consider using a doggie life-jacket. Even good swimmers such as Labradors can benefit from these.

Introduce your dog to water gently, in such a way that he can retreat from the pool when he wants to. This is the best way to encourage him to swim. If a dog isn’t ready, never force him into a pool. As with dog training, teaching him to swim will need patience and some edible rewards. Some dogs take to swimming pools without hesitation, while some need to see other dogs taking the first plunge. Others won’t be interested at all. If that’s the case, respect your pet’s choice.

Note: After swimming, rinse your dog’s body thoroughly. Chlorine left on skin and fur can become an irritant.


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